Dear patrons and friends,

I’m shutting down Tech for the People as an entity this month (June 2022).

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support. Whether it’s been financial or emotional, feedback on articles or shares of my posts - I appreciate everything.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time, energy or - to be honest - the talent to keep this going on top of other commitments.

When I started this project, I hoped I could make it my full-time gig. That was folly, misinformed by capitalist influencer culture.

I’ll still be doing my regular segment on By Any Means Necessary every Tuesday for as long as they’ll have me, and I’ll also be doing other media as requests come in. But I won’t be doing graphics or articles as “Tech for the People.”

You can always find me at @cmg on Twitter. And I’m doing the weekly CovertAction Bulletin podcast - where we also sometimes talk about tech!

The site will stay up, at least until I forget to renew the domain. Content is available below.

Again, thank you.

- Chris

Tech for the People is technology news, analysis and tips from and for a working-class perspective.

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