The Reboot

A bi-weekly podcast from Chris Garaffa and Rae Jereza, The Reboot is what happens when a technologist and an anthropologist get together to talk big tech, workers' rights, privacy and more.

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Education and Surveillance Before and During Covid-19

Ep 008: Education and Surveillance Before and During Covid-19

Music by Angelo Garcia. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram on Read about CIA data collection here. As schools went online during COVID-19, they implemented more surveillance on students’ online activity. But this is not new! See here and here. It also happens “offline”. Finally, read about student surveillance in higher ed here.Surveilling educators for ideas

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Profit & Mental Health Hotlines Do Not Mix

Ep 007: Profit & Mental Health Hotlines Do Not Mix

Rae and Chris discuss the breaking news in Politico on Friday that Crisis Text Line is selling information to an AI-based customer service company that they are also an investor in. Read Hannah Zeavin’s excellent piece on the origins of hotlines as a third option, distinct from psychiatric and police intervention, here! We found Zeavin’s essay from Jack Poulson’s very informative Twit

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Web 3: Same Oppressions, New Technology

Ep 006: Web 3: Same Oppressions, New Technology

Episode 6 is here! After a month hiatus, we're back with a new theme song and some thoughts on "Web 3" Yesterweb’s detailed breakdown of Web3Moxie Marlinspike's blog post on Web3Molly White’s post, criticizing the idea that it’s still “early days” for Web3 Rebekah Bastian’s Forbes article on work and Web3Medium article on Web3 and “Self-Sovereign Healthcare”:

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I don’t care about Jack

Ep 005: I don’t care about Jack

Chris and Rae talk about how Jack Dorsey is stepping down as Twitter's CEO (for the second time!) and what impacts it will - or won't - have for users and workers. We also discussed the general culture around CEOs, the Founder Myth, and why it is that Dorsey can be CEO of two companies at the same time but we can't work for two companies in the same 8-hour shift.

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The Affective Labor of Content Moderators

Ep 004: The Affective Labor of Content Moderators

Co-host Rae Jereza discusses their recent paper, "Corporeal moderation: digital labour as affective good" looking at the situations of content moderators working for Facebook. Hidden behind the app's Report button, often working for subcontractors and not Facebook itself, the stories and struggles of content moderators go largely unnoticed.

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Security is Political

Ep 003: Security is Political

Rae and Chris talk about what a 0-day vulnerability is and why you should care, the NSO group being used to attack Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations, why tech companies don't take security more seriously -- and a lot more. Rae's article: Corporeal moderation: digital labour as affective good - If you have institutional access, you can find it at Wiley Online or through y

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Into the Metaverse?

Ep 001: Into the Metaverse?

Chris Garaffa and Rae Jereza kick off The Reboot with a discussion on the metaverse. What exactly is this dystopian future that Mark Zuckerberg has been hyping? How will it impact social media users, content moderators and communities? We talk about that and more.

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